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Crystal Oven 
- Oven
and Temperature Controller For Nonlinear Crystal

Crystals >>> Crystal Oven

Red Optronics supplies a special designed crystal oven and temperature controller for heating and stabilizing crystals at a predefined temperature.  

Main Specifications  
Temperature Controller Oven
  • ASIC processor
  • PID control
  • Auto tuning
  • RS-232 interface
  • Programmable
  • Stability: 0.1oC
  • Dimension: 50 �100 � 135 mm
  • Power: 85 ~ 130VAC
  • Radioactive heat compensation
  • Plane temperature distribution
  • Fast tuning
  • Size: f 50mm � 55mm
  • Cavity size: f 10mm � 55mm
  • Sensor: Pt100 thermocouple
  • Working temperature: �180oC


Heating nonlinear crystals commonly used in the following applications: NCPM, OPO, OPA, and etc. 






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